Your involvement makes a difference for the better in hundreds of young people's lives!

Your support today will ensure that 900 SEA students will receive college access services this year! SEA relies entirely on community support to fulfill our mission. Here are a few ways you can support SEA today:

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become a volunteer

SEA is a grassroots organization with a small staff, and we rely on our volunteers. For a list of current volunteer opportunities, contact Neena.

potential opportunities

GED Success Tutor: Support students who are learning core concepts and test taking strategies for the GED exam.

College Placement Tutor: Assist students in improving English, math, and science skills to prepare for college placement exams, such as the Compass, ACT or SAT.

College Prep Tutor: Help students learn core concepts before they begin their first quarter of college.

Academic Tutor: Assist college students in preparing for tests, classes, homework, or mastering knowledge in core concepts; commitment and locations vary by student.

Board Member: Support SEA by joining our Board of Directors and becoming a community ambassador.

Events and Fundraising: Assist with fundraising or event planning, invite your friends and family to our spring fundraising event, procure auction items and corporate sponsors, or host a house party to raise funds for scholarships.

We’re open to other ideas! SEA is open to brainstorm ideas that leverage your experience and knowledge to find something you are passionate about within our organization.